CV – work history

Phenomenon Creator at Fira Group Oy (September 2016 > Present)

A lot of presentations, disruptive business development and project development…

As Phenomenon Creator, I co-create visions and new disruptive concepts for housing, urbanization, developers etc. I also create scalable digital platform business concepts. My mission is to scale up our building movement internationally and create value together with our teams and other communities.

Fira Group CEO Jussi Aho 2016: “We believe that Tero brings an enormous amount of new energy and strong expertise in marketing, project and product development and service design. Creating a phenomenon is a strategic tip for Fira’s business development, and Tero’s expertise takes us to the forefront of interacting with our customers, partners, and teams. I am very happy that we got Tero into our team.”

Chief Creative Officer at Temotek Group(2016)

New kind of concepts…

As a part of the executive team, my role included marketing, project development, service design, and new housing concepts. I developed a new modular office concept with Filosofian Akatemia. This concept was a key element to generating new business. It enabled customers to get new office plans and prices the same day. One part of this concept was to allow companies to revolutionize their working culture while renewing office space. I also acquired new building plots for example, in Helsinki Jätkäsaari-area.

Temotek Group CEO Raimo Pahkala 2016: “Tero is incredible in creativity and innovativeness. His business network and ability to inspire and influence, open doors and business cooperation opportunities.”

Chief Creative Officer at Hartela Group(January 2012 – February 2016)

Successful project development: Karjasilta, Finnoo and Myyrmäki urban blocks…

My role was the conceptualization and piloting of development projects. My work encompassed housing, office space, and urban development sectors. I lead several successful prize-winning land acquisition projects. The largest competitions were around 190,000 m2 of Espoo’s Finnoo Center and Oulu’s 40,000 m2 Karjasilta Center and the 36,000 m2 center in Myyrmäki, Vantaa. I developed a new office concept, which was a critical factor in the success of a new HSY and Hartela headquarters development in Ilmala, Helsinki. I also developed new housing concepts and acquired new building plots for example in Helsinki Haaga-area.

Hartela Group, CEO Heikki Hartela 2015: “Tero is a versatile and productive visionary.”

Head of sales and project development at Neapo Corporation September 2009 – December 2011

A new way of building and a new kind of project development:
For instance ARA – Sukupolvinen korttelin hankekehitys…

I lead marketing, project development and R&D&I- tasks as a member of the executive board. I developed new housing concepts and acquired new building projects for instance in Helsinki Jätkäsaari-, Myllypuro areas, Vantaa Viertola. I had a successful collaboration with customers like VAV, TA and Espoon Kruunu. The most significant success was the 13 000 m2 CIN-project/ Sukupolvien kortteli in Helsinki Jätkäsaari. I connected ARA and housing developers HOAS, Asuntosäätiö, and S-Asunnot. At Neapo I created the proposal and concept design for the “New high-rise development” -program which led to the acquisition of new plots from the city of Helsinki. Neapo was the super-innovative modular construction company, which disrupted construction business.

Chief Creative Officer at VVO Group (Kojamo)                                   (October 2006 – April 2009)

New housing concept and project development. Collaboration with MIT…

At VVO I worked briefly as Project Development Manager before becoming the Group Development Director. My role also included being Managing Director of Espoo Suurpelto Marketing Oy. My tasks included developing affordable housing, and creating a personalized housing configurator. We aimed to have an entirely new customer-oriented process. I participated in project development, forming a partnership between SRV and VVO in SITRA’s Low 2no block. Also, I successfully developed projects for the City of Helsinki’s “New high-rise development” -program.

VVO Group CEO Olli Salakka 2009: “According to the title of Rakennuslehti 27.11.2008, Vanhanen is one of the visionaries in the field. I can very well agree with it and recommend him to new challenging leadership positions. Vanhanen’s multidisciplinary expertise in the field of real estate and construction, as well as active networking with key people in the field, has clarified VVO’s role as one of the most innovative players in the field. Vanhanen’s numerous and praised appearances have further strengthened VVO’s image as a pioneer.”

Design & planning manager at FCG Group                                        (February 2005 – October 2006)

Many kind of design and planning tasks and winning proposals…

I designed several urban housing blocks and in different areas of Finland. I also developed consulting concepts and solutions for our business.

FCG Head of urban planning Arja Sippola 2006: “Tero has successfully lead teamwork in various urban planning, marketing, zoning, and project development tasks. Tero is a creative and market-minded leader, as well as a dynamic performer with iron skills in design.”

Area development project manager “Karisto area” at City of Lahti (August 2002- April 2005)

Project area 2 x 4 km/ 800 ha for 10 000 people

I worked as a director of the Karisto waterfront area development, an 800-hectare region in Lahti. I acquired concrete experience in sustainable urban development. I was the leader of the project team and responsible for zoning and marketing. My passion from the beginning of this project was to encourage the involvement of companies like SRV, Skanska, NCC, OP, and Nordea in a public-private partnership.

Landuse Director of Lahti Veli-Pekka Toivonen 2005: “Tero Vanhanen’s most important job has been the urban planning and marketing promotion of the new Karisto area. Tero has drawn up local plans for the so-called starting blocks and the core area, as well as plans for the central areas. He has been responsible for coordinating community planning as a project manager and has been excellent in dealing with the implementation of the region’s marketing relations with different implementers and government agencies. In his work, Tero has demonstrated innovation, expertise, perseverance and versatile communication and marketing skills. ”

Master of Architecture 2001:

A record time in graduation with hounors…

Activity in different assosiations:

RAKLI – The Finnish Association of Building Owners and Construction Clients, Chairman of Urban Development Board 2008-2009
RAKLI – Jätkäsaari Development Clinic, Member 2008
RAKLI – Energy Efficient Board, Member 2008-2009
ARY – Housing Reform Association Board, Member 2004-2009
SAFA/ Town Planning Seminar Team, Member 2002-2006
SAFA/ Town Planning Board, Member 2001-2006
SAFA/ Research Board, Member 1999–2004
SFHP/ IFHP Finish Housing And Planning Assosiation, Housing Seminar Team, Member 2000


1.000 € Rakennustietosäätiö RTS/ 2005
400 mk TUT/ graduation record (3,5 years)/ 2001
3.000 mk degree with distinction/ 2001
500 mk TTKK/ graduation record (3,5 years)/ 2001
5.000 mk TUT/ Prof. Erkki Helamaa- Found/ 2000